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Published on May 25, 2018

Below are some rare and breath taking images of ancient Nepal: 1. Crossing a car over a river: Many people are carrying a car in a couple of attached logs. This is very rare photo as there were not much cars in the ancient times. Only the richest and the powerful people had cars. 2. Ashoka Pillar: Ashoka Pillar is located in Lumbini in the Rupendehi district of Nepal. It is among the many stone pillars built in 3rd century by Ashoka the Indian Emperor. The pillar stone stags 6m tall and is made up of pink sandstone. It commemorates and symbolizes Ashoka’s visit to Lumbini (The birth place of Gautam Buddha) after he converted to Buddhism. 3. King Birendra with Indian Prime minister Indira Gandhi: Late King Birendra meeting with Indian Prime minister Indira Gandhi. King usually met ministers and kings of other countries to make a good relation between each other. 4. Bir Hospital: Bir Hospital established in July 1889 is the oldest and the busiest hospitals in Nepal. It was established by Bir Shamsher and Jang Bahadur Rana and is located at the heart of Kathmandu City. 5. Nepali Commander Balbhadra Kunwar: Balbhadra Kunwar is the commander of the Anglo-Nepal War (1814-1816). He is a National Hero of Nepal. 6. Dharahara in 1990: Dharahara was constructed by Bhimsen Thapa in 1824. It was 11 storied when first constructed which later was de$troyed a ma$$!ve 9 magnitude [email protected]@ke in 1834. It was later reconstructed to 9 storied which was again completely de$tro*yed in April 2015 by another [email protected]$sive [email protected]@ke. 7. View of cars parked at Lainchaur: This view of vintage cars in Lainchaur and the old style houses. 8. View of Bagmati river: Bagmati river is the holy river for Hindus. As mythology says even gods were very lucky to have taken bath in the holy river. Also according to the Nepalese Hindu culture a dead body must be dipped in the river three times before the cremation. Also it is deeply believed that Bagmati river purifies people spiritually. 9. Gaucharan: The scene of Gaucharan of Nepal and all the people and things happening there. 10. Postal ticket: These are Nepali postal tickets. They cost 2 paisa in the time 1974. 11. Nepali post card: This is a very old post card of Nepal. It contains many histories of Nepal like the tickets, and stamps and others. 12. Singha Durbar: This is the view of Singhadurbar in the late 1915. It is situated in Kathmandu. It is official seat of government of Nepal. It was originally built by the Rana dynasty. It is known to be the most luxurious and large palace in Asia. 13. Coin: This coin was published during the rule of Late King Prithivi Narayan Shah. It is a pure silver coin and is hand crafted. The value of this coin is very high in the current state. 14. Narayanhity Durbar: It is the old palace. It is situated in Kathmandu. It was the residence for the country’s monarchs. It is designed to be a contemporary pago*da. The palace was built in 1970.

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